What’s in a Hotdog?

Warning, the words gristle, fat and offal lay ahead.

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Hotdog (source: True Activist)

A question from an inquisitive customer at my work over the weekend inspired a terrifying journey that I will not soon forget.

“What’s in the hot dogs?”

That’s a good question mollycoddling parent/annoying customer at my tourism part time job lady. A very good question indeed.

What is in the hot dogs?

I didn’t know at the time. But now I do fellas. Now I do.

Stop reading here if you want to continue to enjoy processed meats.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, most hot dogs are made up of pork, beef and chicken. Yum.

Sounds kind of tasty so far but not too gross yet right?

Well I should inform you that these meats are not the best cuts of the animal, but the offcuts that didn’t quite make it to the supermarket for sale.

I’m talking fat, I’m talking offal, I’m talking gristle.

Then once minced all together, the chicken goo is added and more mixing occurs. As the

meat continues to churn flavours are added, some salt here some starch there.

Finally the meaty mess is contained inside some cellulose casings and voila, your dawg is bon appetite and ready to eat.

The hot dog people pump out enough dogs to wrap a football stadium twice in just 35 seconds.

Don’t believe me?

See the whole process for yourself by clicking on the video below and try not to gag.

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