Watch This Dad Show You How To Prepare For Parenthood

So painfully accurate.

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Parenthood (source: Dayton Children's Hospital)

If you have 30 seconds to spare, you might want to watch this New Zealand dad giving you a quick tutorial on how to prepare for parenthood.

I’m nobody’s mother, but I can tell you that he’s right on the money.

I know for experience, I used to be a kid once.

Jordan Watson is the mastermind behind the “How to DAD” YouTube channel, where he shares short comical videos, featuring himself and his two adorable daughters, offering life hacks and tricks for parents with young kids.

In his latest tutorial, he focuses on one of the greatest pains that any mom and dad comes to face, inevitably, in their lives as parents… And because I hate spoilers, I’ll let you find out for yourself what that is.

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