Vitamin Vaping – Yay or Nay?

Download nutrients into your lungs

Vitamin Vaping
Vitamin Vaping

When going out to a pub or club you see the familiar sight of groups of people choofing away on their cigarettes. Over the past few years that sight has altered slightly, with people creating their own cumulus thanks to vaping.

In Australia vaporisers are most commonly used by 18-24 year olds, with 6.8% choosing to vape. The research surrounding whether vaping is better than smoking is still inconclusive, but are there other possible benefits?

A new marketing strategy seems to be pushing some vaporisers and vaping juice as a way to achieve a healthy diet. A flood of vitamin infused vape juices are now available, but is there research to back up the stated positive effects? One brand in particular, Vitastick, claims to have vitamin A, C, D, E and 20 servings of B12 per stick. That sounds great, but can you absorb all of that through your lungs? In order for the body to absorb those twenty servings of B12, a glycoprotein called gastric intrinsic factor must be present in the stomach, but if the vapor bypasses the stomach entirely there is no evidence to suggest it can be absorbed. Much like most research surrounding vaping, it is all still inconclusive.

Feel free to buy your vitamins in a vape, just know that you’ve got to take it all with a grain of salt until we have scientific evidence around the practice. Buy what you want, but be a well-informed consumer.





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