Getting High Down Under

New Australian cannabis gin is a world first

The Canna Co
The Canna Co

Australia has been the home of many world-changing inventions; the black box flight recorder, cochlear implants, Wi-Fi, and especially the hills hoist. But all of those can be thrown in the trash, as a new revolutionary product hits shelves.

Canna Co is a Sydney-based medicinal cannabis cultivation and manufacturing company (license pending, of course) which has released the world’s first cannabis gin. Before you get too excited, you must be warned that the THC and CBD have been removed, so the only buzz you’ll get will be alcohol-related. What you’re left with is hemp essential oils in a delicious gin. You also get to feel like a super cool dude/dudette when you pull out cannabis gin at a party.

While the company is based in Sydney, the gin is being produced in Healesville, Victoria. The team behind the product are adamant that the products value is beyond its initial novelty, but is in fact a quality gin whether you knew of its hemp infusion or not.

There are only 300 bottles available for pre-order, which will be rolled-out from 16th November.