Visiting Mexico During its Most Colourful Season

The Mexican Tourism board is welcoming travellers with open arms, so we explore 3 reasons to visit Mexico.

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Oaxaca Mexico

The rainy season is over, and November has been widely regarded as the best time to travel to Mexico if you want to enjoy cool weather, minimal crowds and the best travel deals. Boasting beautiful beaches and coastal resorts, along with a thriving nightlife and incredible ancient wonders, here are 3 reasons you should brush up on your Spanish and experience the magic of Mexico.

  1. Festivals and Fiestas

No-one quite hosts a celebration like Mexico, and November is the ideal time to witness some unmissable spectacles of colour and theatre. Throughout the month, you’ll see artistic depictions of the skull motif, due to November 2nd marking the start of the Day of the Dead. This is a famous celebration to commemorate the lives of lost loved ones, with death seen as a cause for celebration over mourning. This is based on the idea that spirits return on this day annually to be reunited with their families, and here are the best places to observe these festivities in full swing. Other notable November celebrations are listed here.

  1. Historical marvels

Mexico has a rich history which is woven into the fabric of the land, and can be explored in many sites across the country. Chichen Itzá is an UNESCO world heritage site that was named one of the New7Wonders of the world. It is home to a complex of archaeological Mayan ruins, particularly a large step-pyramid, and is an unmissable doorway into Mexican culture. Another spectacular site is Tulum, where you can explore well-preserved ruins on tall cliffs, while witnessing stunning ocean views. Formerly known by Mayans as the City of Dawn, due to facing the sunrise, it has been described as a rare mix of “beach, archaeology and village”.

  1. Amazing cuisine

Although Guzman y Gomez is a fantastic local outlet for satisfying our Mexican food cravings, there truly is no substitute for the real deal. Whether it’s fine dining at Pujol in Mexico City, or indulging in authentic street food while traversing the vast city, Mexico is home to one of the most flavoursome cuisines you will ever sample. Although we’ve embraced their introduction of amazing ingredients like chocolate, corn and chillies, here are some foods best eaten when you are there.