How to Prepare Your Home For The Market

4 ways to dramatically increase the value of your property.

How to Prepare Your Home For The Market
How to Prepare Your Home For The Market

If you have been thinking about selling your property at some point in the near future, simple home improvements are crucial in extracting the greatest value for your property. Presenting potential buyers with charmingly clean, updated spaces ensures a memorable first impression that leaves a lasting impact. This is generally the time when homeowners grab a set of tools from the shed and get their hands dirty. However, these days there is a simpler, more time-efficient, and stress free option available: just call in the experts.

Easy updates like a fresh coat of paint, revived flooring and a clean roof are subtle yet significant changes that will dramatically increase the appeal and value of your home, and therefore its potential for greater market success.

Where can you add value?

  1. Restore your roof:

Your roof plays an essential role in determining your home’s curb appeal and leaving potential buyers with that all-important, unforgettable first impression.  With most homes going up for sale during the Summer months, it’s crucial to ensure that your roof looks its best.  You can hire a professional to remove leaves or weeds from your guttering- and while they’re up there, while also sweeping off any debris will help to give your home that compellingly-fresh look.

Restore Your Roof
Restore Your Roof

However, if your roof has spent a significant amount of time in the elements, you may need to go a step further and consider restoring your roof.

At first glance, restoring your roof might sound like an expense and a headache you wouldn’t want to consider before selling your home.  But, according to Smart Property Investment, restoring your roof can add an incredible 15 to 40 percent increase to the value of your property.

Here are some vital considerations to make before restoring your roof. The colour of your roof has an immense impact on how potential buyers perceive your home.  Obviously, using a roof colour complementary to the colour of your home’s walls and doors will help establish a consistent and notable style. Still, contrast can also be a wonderful, striking approach to consider as well.

Here are some examples to help you get started.

Let's Talk About Your Roof
Let’s Talk About Your Roof

How can you improve the value of your home?

Most people wait for a visit from their real estate agents to tell them how they can improve their home’s value.  Now you don’t have to.  Take our quiz to discover which simple improvements you could make to your home.

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Take the Quiz

2. Refresh your exterior paint:

Your home’s exterior look is important in establishing positive first impressions from buyers, and thus refreshing your exterior is an essential aspect of increasing the value of your property. A fresh, clean coat of paint over your walls and front door will instantly lift the appearance of your home, giving it a modern and universal appeal, while adding value and attracting mass interest from buyers.

A trend report from Zillow, for example, found that a simple coat of black paint on your front door can increase your home value by $6000.  Adding a fresh coat of paint to your exterior walls could additionally provide a 5 percent increase to your sale price according to Sam Varrica, a director at Raine & Horne.

3. Renew your interior feel:

Colours, in general, have an important role in our lives, and we gravitate towards colours that best resonate with us. Whether its choosing the colour of our clothes, our car, or our dream home, we truly express ourselves through colour so it’s ok to be precise when choosing your interior wall paint.

Renew your interior feel.
Renew your interior feel.

Updating your paint interiors is “the least expensive investment for the biggest return”, according to Jennie Norris, the chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals. Colour selection throughout the home is essential when creating an eye-catching, modern flow-through effect within the home.

Having neutral colours throughout the home, such as white, grey and beige, creates a flowing-interior effect, and embraces the ‘Japandi’ interior trend, with de-cluttered spaces and natural textures. This minimalist approach, importantly, leaves room for buyers to imagine themselves living in the property.

4. Revive your floors:

Although this may be surprising, flooring is one of the first things buyers examine when entering a new property. Generally, they are looking for their floors to be contemporary, stylish and clean- this is where Timber floors come in. Timber floors are a stunning, timeless asset to any property, making them highly valued by potential buyers on the market. They are also durable, effortless to clean, and last a lifetime. In fact, a recent study shows that timber flooring can increase the value of your home by 2.5%, with a 70 percent to 80 percent average return on investment.

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These straightforward, fundamental home improvements will increase buyers’ attention, enhance your home’s value and encourage overall market success. From floors to roofs and everything in between, these tips will ensure your home achieves its maximum value on the property market.

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