Perfect Your Grazing Platter Before Your Next Event

Everyone loves snacking at a grazing platter, check out these tips to get yours perfect.

Perfect Your Grazing Platter Before Your Next Event

It’s the time of year for entertaining. The weather is nice, and you can socialise with friends and chill out. Every host knows that a good platter is key to an event’s success, and we have some tips to help you perfect yours.

Plan Your Tableware

The bowls, knives and plate that you choose to use are integral to your platter. Will it be matching or eclectic? Ensure you have varied bowl sizes to suit the dips, oil or olives that will go in them. Make sure you have suitable cheese knives and a big enough platter to fit the food you want to fill it with.

Go for Colour and Quality

A grazing platter is all about guests trying a little bit of everything, so make sure it’s of the highest quality. Don’t be afraid to mix savoury and sweet, and the more colour you include, the better.

Make it Event Appropriate

Your platter should feature food that is at its best, so don’t buy out of season produce. If it’s a hot day, avoid too many foods that sweat such as cheeses and deli meats. Instead, opt for more fresh fruits and vegetables. If it’s cold, include richer flavours and warm bread.

Variety is Key

When it comes to cheeses, meats and dips, opt for interesting flavours and provide 2-3 different varieties so that there’s lots to try.

Go Small or Go Home

Keep your food to bite-sized pieces! You don’t want anything that is too big or awkward to eat for your guests, so chop vegetables and fruit into smaller pieces.

Arrange Like a Pro

Use your crackers or bread to divide and frame the platter how you wish. Then add in larger items such as cheeses, fruit paste and meats. Pile ingredients up instead of spacing them out. Berries, chocolates, nuts and other small items can be added last to fill in any gaps.

And Most Importantly Remember…

You can’t go wrong with good food and lots of it, everyone’s platter will be different and reflect their own tastes and personalities. The most important thing is to eat well, spoil yourself and enjoy the company of others!

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