Top 5 Meditation Podcasts for you to Start Your day the Right Way

The podcasts that will make you feel more grounded and at peace each day.

Top 5 Meditation Podcasts for You to Start Your Day the Right Way

1. Mindful Minute
The Mindful Minute is a great first step into meditation if it is something new to you. The host will take you on a guided journey on ways in which you can live your life more mindfully and become at peace with the decisions you make each day and the challenges that are thrown your way. These episodes do run for longer than a minute but they are short enough for you to easily put some time aside for yourself in your busy work schedule.

2. O Being
This podcast brings a thought provoking conversation on big questions surrounding meaning, spirituality, science, healing and the arts. Although this podcast is not as much of a guided meditation, it still brings a moment of mindfulness to your week.

3. Meditation Oasis
Meditations that allow you to truly, deeply relax and create a better flow in your day to day life. The Meditation Oasis podcast describes their conversations and meditations as a way to create a peaceful mind and open your heart. These short 20 minute episodes are an ideal way to start your day.

4. Meditation Station
From affirmations, to manifestations and guides on overcoming feelings of panic and anxiousness, the Meditation Station Podcast is another one for your weekly podcast downloads. The weekly podcast guides your mind’s issues from sleep, unhealthy urges and healing your relationship with your mind and body. A more conversational podcast on meditating and mindfulness if you are interested to learn more about it and care for your mind as well as your body.

5. The Daily Meditation Podcast
The team at The Daily Meditation Podcast describe their show to be a ‘library of meditations at your fingertips. With new themes for their daily meditations each week, there is no doubt that you will feel far more grounded, at peace and sleeping better than you were before you found this podcast.

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