‘Struggle Meals’ Top 7 Best Creations

Delicious. Spectacular. Show stopping. Never been done before. YUM!

‘Struggle Meals’ Top 7 Best Creations

Popular YouTube channel ‘Struggle Meals’ hosted by Frankie Celenza, is always providing the goods when it comes to making mouth watering sensations on a budget. Here are his top 7 creations.

  • Mushroom Rigatoni: Whether you’re vegetarian or just feel like cutting down on your meat consumption, this meal is to die for. AU $3.83 per serving.
  • Homemade Pasta: Frankie thinks he’s worked out the art of replicating pasta like an Italian Grandma, why not give it a try! AU $2.13 per serving.
  • Bean Tostada: Cheap, high in protein and so diverse. Enjoy this meat free taco alternative. AU $1.59 per serving.
  • Lasagne: An Italian classic made quick and simple. Are you a fan of cheese? This recipe claims to have the secret to the creamiest and cheesiest lasagne – even learn how to make your own cheese! AU $2.21 per serving.
  • Sushi Dinner For Two: Learn the craft behind making this popular classic Japanese dish for you and a friend, and the best part- all for under $20 using quality ingredients!
  • Eggs Benedict: If you ever find yourself regretfully paying that $25 for fancy eggs on toast every time you go out, STOP right now! It’s so easy to make. AU $1.83 per serving.
  • BBQ Chicken: Want to know what the most affordable cuts of meat are? Look no further. Also learn how to make your own spice mixes for any barbecued meat. AU $3.70.

Saving money has never been so easy and delicious!

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