Reduce Your Screen Time With These Simple Tips

Find the simple ways you can reduce your screen time to improve your wellbeing and focus.

Reduce Your Screen Time with these Simple Tips

Relying upon technology for pretty much all work and personal communication right now has seen our screen times absolutely soar. With our phones now tracking and notifying us of every single second we spend upon them, it is becoming increasingly hard to justify your 6-hour daily average of screen time. 

Cutting down screen time has many benefits, some of these being reduced eye strain, reduced exposure to blue-light rays that affect your skin, improved sleep, being more focused and increased wellbeing. We’ve created a list of easy and simple ways you can reduce your screen time and achieve the benefits mentioned above.

1. Turn off notifications.

How many times have you been in the middle of something, not even noticing your phone, and then suddenly your screen lights up and it’s all you can think about? Limiting its distracting power by turning off notifications for Facebook or Instagram will help you stayed focused and not get diverted.

2. Have a screen time goal and put on app limits.

Set up a daily, realistic goal you want to dedicate to your screen time. You can also use the screen time features, such as app limits or downtime mode which will help you achieve these goals and keep you on track.

3. No mixing food and phones.

We generally use breaks to catch up on what’s trending on social media or checking in with friends but eating away from your phone will help you feel more refreshed, focused and motivated. Read a newspaper or book while you eat if you find yourself getting bored.

4. Get an alarm clock.

Admittedly very old school but buying an alarm clock will allow you to leave your phone outside of your bedroom. Stop endlessly scrolling through TikTok till 1 am or getting stuck in YouTube black holes with this simple tip.

5. No TV/movies in bed.

We know this one is hard, but it is so important. Watching TV/movies on a couch will not only give you a bit more of a screen time break before getting into bed, but it will also deter you from clicking ‘next episode’ and get you to bed earlier. 

6. Find a hobby.

Next time you go to endlessly scroll through Instagram or watch a movie you’ve already seen before, pick up a book or learn a new skill instead. Whether it’s baking or reading or even listening to a podcast, a hobby will keep you occupied in a healthy way and help lower that screen time.

These are but a few ways to reduce your screen time and start to enjoy the many benefits that come with them.