Three Must-have Apps to Better Your day

Get out of your productivity slump with these three apps

Three Must-have Apps to Better Your day

Technology is such a major part of our lives, so it is important to understand the ways we can utilise it productively. The app store covers every category you could possibly think of, so here are three apps to better your day to day life.

1. Bloom: Better You.

This app is free to download and offers a 7-day free trial before a paid yearly subscription. Blooms aim is to help create a better you, with mindfulness and spirituality at the heart of the app, a flower blooms on your screen for each activity that you complete.

Meditation and yoga plans are available to complete for different levels of ability and for what you hope to achieve, access to a sleep library filled with activities and sounds to assist better sleep, as well as record when you woke up or anything that might have disturbed your sleep patterns. As well as breathing and calming exercises to keep you grounded throughout your day. 

2. KIC – Keep it Cleaner.

This app again is free to download with a free trial before a yearly subscription.

KIC is all about positivity and health, running like a calendar and giving you different plans every day. You start each day with a new breakfast lunch and dinner recipe to try.  Then on to the workouts, guided videos of personal trainers leading you through each routine with different strength options and different types of workouts throughout the week. Also included each day is a talk about something health or body related.

3. RescueTime.

This app is perfect if you fall in the trap of spending too much time on things that maybe you shouldn’t be. Free to download and use, RescueTime aims to help you “waste less time and get more done”. The app breakdowns how much time you’ve spent on your device and alerts you when you’re exceeding time frames and doing too much, you’ll get notifications when you’ve spent more time at work than usual, too much time on social media or positive alerts when you’re using time productively and leaving your social media alone.