Understanding Your Temperament: The Sanguine

Here’s to the social butterflies who can never seem to find that perfect flower.

Understanding Your Temperament: The Sanguine

You may be reading this article purely to understand your temperament. If so, I must be quick in grabbing your attention, for if you are a Sanguine, time is of the essence.

As a child, you were imaginative and always coming up with the best ideas for playtime. You mirror almost any social environment, and as a result, people are drawn to your energy. You are the first to point out the funny irony of a situation or the beautiful colours in a sunset. You think life equals pleasure, and though you experience the occasional downs, you much prefer to stay on the up and up.

The idea of boredom or stagnation is unappealing to you, and the unchanging routines of a Phlegmatic may have you reaching for the nearest emergency exit. Change doesn’t scare you, if anything, it provides a much-needed fresh start. You may envy the Choleric’s ability to garner attention through hard work and determination, as there must be a shorter, less committed path to success. Your mind might quit racing if you had the Melancholic’s need for quiet reflection, but you’ve never been great at sitting still.

If you did happen to find a moment of self-reflection, you’d come to realise there’s a lack of depth to you. There’s a restlessness that never ends, and you wonder if you’ll ever be truly satisfied with life as it is. Your friends, family and romantic partners may get frustrated with your fickle nature, and in turn, you could end up losing them.

Above all else dear Sanguine, do not lose sight of who you are – a creator. Life is not always fun, but if you can muster the courage to knuckle down every once in a while, you might find a few passions that aren’t so fleeting after all.

All information written here is from Xandria Williams’ book, Love, Health & Happiness: Understanding Yourself and Your Relationships Through the Four Temperaments. Williams believes the key to harbouring a successful relationship with yourself and the people around you comes from an intimate understanding of their temperament. If you don’t relate to this particular post, feel free to click on my short summaries of the Choleric, Phlegmatic or Melancholic personalities instead.

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