They liked it and put a Ring on it

You’ve got the rock, what’s next?


The moment has finally happened, the one thing a little girl dreams of, the beautiful sparkly ring is on your finger and you’re on your way to becoming a Mrs.

Here’s a list of things you should definitely do once you’re blinged up.

Call your parents, tell the world!!!
The love of your life is finally yours for life, share your excitement with everyone, they’re only bound to be just as excited for you if not more.

Get your nails done (if they aren’t already).
This is essential for taking the perfect Instagram pictures of your beautiful ring, not to mention everyone is sure to be studying your hands for the next few weeks so make them look perfect!

Share the perfect picture to announce your engagement.
Head somewhere scenic, maybe a beach or some mountains for your back drop and pose like you’ve never posed before.

Get your ring insured.
Engagement rings can be quite pricey and even if they’re not, they’re a possession full of love and wonderful memories, not only that but they go everywhere with you and you never know if it might accidentally slide off or get damaged during your day so be sure to insure your ring in case anything were to ever happen to it.

Take a deep breath.
Once the initial shock has passed, make sure you slow down and relax, there’s so much to do and so much to consider but it doesn’t all have to happen in one day. Getting married is meant to be an exciting journey so make sure you don’t cloud your excitement with stress.