Here are Some of the Craziest Things you can do on a Cruise Ship

You can tick two bucket-list items off at once on these cruises.

Here are Some of the Craziest Things you can do on a Cruise Ship

Race go-karts on an 253-metre long track

Featuring a hairpin turn and plenty of long stretches to let you pump the accelerator, this 10-racer Ferrari branded track is part of the deck of Norwegian cruise liner Norwegian Joy. The first ever race track at sea, the track spans across two-levels, and with the scenery, it’ll looks like a race right out of Mario Kart.

Go indoor skydiving

The 7-metre high skydiving simulator onboard Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas is also the first of its kind. Situated on the top deck of the ship for the ultimate view, you can take in the majesty of your ocean-side surroundings while you float in the air.

Have a robot make you a drink

Three of Royal Caribbean’s cruise liners feature these bionic armed bartenders. Upside-down bottles adorn the roof of the ‘bar’ which the robots, upon request via a tablet equipped with ordering software, can measure alcohol from to mix and create the perfect cocktail. You can watch them slide and swivel around the Bionic Bar as they do so, which is a more fun alternative to the traditional experience of waiting for a drink at a bar, dare I say.

Enjoy a night in an ice bar

Inside the Svedka Ice Bar on the Norwegian Breakaway, it’s a balmy -8.3 degrees Celcius. Featuring a New-York theme, this bar caters to both adults and kids (non-alcoholic beverages make up part of the menu) and the $20 cover charge includes a much-needed parka.

Stargaze in a planetarium

If looking up at the stars in the open sky from the pool deck isn’t satisfying your stargazing needs, the Queen Mary 2 from Cunard has you covered. With three shows on each day, the world’s only floating planetarium is situated under a giant domed roof where you can learn about the stars in this galaxy and beyond.

Is there any other activity you’d want to see go ocean-bound? Let us know in the comments, or tell us about any crazy activity we missed.

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