Melbourne’s new Plant-Based Bistro Ties the old With the new

Viva La Vegan!

Melbourne’s new Plant-Based Bistro Ties the old With the new

Situated in South Yarra, Lona Misa is an ode to Spanish style tapas bars and bistros with one twist…Its completely vegan and vegetarian! Lona Misa was founded by Shannon Martinez of Smith & Daughters, another staple Melbourne vegan eatery. And Ian Curley, owner of French Saloon and Kirk’s Wine Bar. The restaurant is inspired by European dining and is described as ‘yin meets yang, North meets South’ according to the Lona Misa website. The restaurant is renaissance themed. With paintings donned across the wall that make you feel like you’ve set foot into an art museum, with much contemporary flair to contrast it. The menu is a mix of different Latin influences from Spanish, to the Hispanic communities of New York and Los Angeles. All formed from Martinez’s cultural background. The drinks include cocktails, wines, and even kombucha on tap! ‘Enter a timeless scene with Latin loved persuasions to revel amongst friends, to siesta, or simply sit and pass the time…a lively Latin bar and dining experience boasting a heavily vegan menu with vegetarian options’ says their page on the Ovolo Hotels website.

Book a table at Lona Misa for your next outing and experience the power of plant-based dining!

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