Level Up Your Life With Karolina Carrera’s New Book

Has the rat race lifestyle left you feeling burnt out and bewildered?

Karolina Carrera From Level Up
Karolina Carrera From Level Up

Have you put your dreams on the backburner and just don’t where to start – or even who you are anymore? 

Do you want to learn how to take back control of your life? 

Meet Karolina Carrera. As a businesswoman, property investor and brand strategist among many things, single mum Karolina knows what it feels like to abandon your dreams and exist on autopilot. 

That’s why she wrote Level Up – Harnessing the Immense Power of You, her new book which explores how to reclaim the reigns of your life and live with ease in the modern world. 

This powerful yet easy-to-follow guide is a collation of Karolina’s own experiences, punctuated with tips and tools on how to overcome mindset obstacles and embark on a transformational life path. 

CrowdInk were lucky enough to speak with Karolina about her new book, her inspirations behind ‘levelling up’ and her advice for aspiring authors. 

What inspired you to ‘level up’?

I’m a strong believer that once we ’know better‘ then it’s important to share our learnings with others. We are all students and teachers of ’life’, we just don’t always realise it. Or think that what we know or our experiences, whether good or bad could help others and be a catalyst of change for another.

Many times throughout my life I’ve been asked, ‘Are you a teacher’? I used to laugh as I took it as a literal ‘job’ title remark. I used to respond with no. Then one day while sitting at a café and having some what I thought was general chit chat with a lady on the table beside mine, she asked the same question… this time I said yes! No hesitation, just a yes.

I like to share what I know… what I know to be truth for me. As it might just be truth for others also.

Karolina Carrera
Karolina Carrera

Why did you decide to turn your experiences and lessons learned into a book?

In June 2019, while I was on a morning peak hour train commute into town, I remember looking around the carriage at all the disengaged people. Plugged in, not talking and not happy. I was taken aback by the overwhelming sense I had of ’it doesn’t have to be this way‘ – I can help these people. It was such a strong feeling, an intuitive nudge… that was followed by a thought of I should write a book, a book about what I did, to get out of the haze…out of the funk.

Who is the ideal audience for your book?

The ideal audience would be time-poor women, who would like a change in their life – a better, easier way of navigating through the perceived constraints they are in, but aren’t sure how to go about it.

As a businesswoman, investor, expert and mother, how do you find the time to ‘slow down to speed up?’ 

Great question. Two things here: one is we always find time for things that we value and two, daily consistent habits and rituals will change your life.  I’ve learned to prioritise ’quiet time‘, which includes relaxing my mind through meditation, journaling and exercise. The clear head opens up space for creativity, innovation, energy and focus.

Who inspires you?

People who know who they are and own who they are unapologetically. That could be the person singing in the aisles to a ripper tune in the supermarket or it could be the school crossing supervisor who greets everyone with a smile and a g’day because why not? It feels good to be kind. Good people inspire me.

What was the writing experience like for you?

It was a journey and a spectrum of emotions. What I did do though first up was get a book coach. Someone that has written books before, knows the ins and outs of publishing a book and whose experience I could leverage off. I’ve worked with coaches in different fields in the past and new that accountability and a framework would make the writing journey a lot more fruitful.

What do you hope for readers to get out of your book?

A knowing that it is possible for them to make a shift in their life. That the next level version of them can be spectacular. More than spectacular… outstanding! If they choose to believe and commit to taking those initial steps.

What is next in store for you?

I have uncovered my love of writing! This is from the young girl who disliked long form writing in high school and university. Now I can’t get enough! It’s enjoyable, it’s fun and it is now part of my toolkit to inspire people en masse.

How can people purchase your book?

They can click through to purchase the book at www.levelupbook.co. The book can also be purchased online at Amazon, Booktopia, Book Depository, Barnes and Noble and all the major book retailers world-wide.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Momentum is key. Time block in your calendar writing time each week. Show up at that time…even if nothing comes out. You showed up… and that’s a great habitual start.

If you want to level up in a bigger, faster way then partner with a book coach.

Inspired to level up your life? Purchase Karolina’s book Level Up today to discover how you can make the change to live the life you’ve always wanted.