The Pros And Cons of a One Night Stand

One night stands are awkward, but a quick analysis of the situation can put things in perspective for what to do next.

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Pro and Cons of One Night Stand

One Night Stands can be awkward. You feel a little nervous to speak with the person at first, then all of a sudden you’re sharing bodily fluids (how quickly things change). It’s totally awkward waking up with a stranger. Sure, last night they were no stranger to you. The two of you, momentarily, were very close. You shared your first names, hometowns and phone numbers, that’s got to count for something, right?

But the next morning, when you roll over and see (what’s their name again?), tangled between your sheets, things start to feel a little different.  You immediately regret all the choices that you made last night and start to worry that you may have offered them your hand in marriage or something equally as terrifying. Like everything in life, one night stands have their ups and downs, you just need to figure out if, at the end of the day, it was all worth it?

Pro: You got laid!

Need I say more? Getting laid is sometimes the most important thing in our lives. We often prioritise it over food or water (not alcohol though, that’s how we got into this situation in the first place!). So congratulations on getting yourself into this situation. You’re probably feeling pretty chuffed about yourself and so you should. It’s a hard world out there and (for once) you came out on top, or maybe on the bottom, but that’s your personal business really.

Con: Financial burden.

It’s not always cheap having a one night stand. I don’t mean like, paying for sex. No judgment if you do that, though. I mean more along the lines of paying for drinks, a cab ride to their place, which is ALWAYS like fifteen minutes away from the bar and then the costs involved in trying to get yourself home the next day.

Your ‘cab’ money quickly turns into ‘kebab’ money when you’ve been boozin’ and all of a sudden you’re running on ten bucks and your phone is on 2%. The worst. Try and score a home ground game, then you’re really winning because the next morning you can roll them out of bed, spin them around three times and send them on their merry way. No, don’t do that. That’s mean.

Pro: Financial gain.

Again, I don’t mean getting paid for sex. Although I hear it’s a very lucrative business. While sometimes a single night of passionate sex can be costly, other times you can actually save some mullah. Quite often your suitor, whether they be male or female, will offer to cover you for the night. They will woo you with drinks, pay for the taxi, and if you’re really lucky, they’ll pay for your happy meal.

Just remember, just because you took their drinks, that doesn’t mean that you owe them anything. If they’re a bit creepy about it, take the first few drinks and then politely call it a night.

Con: The awkwardness of waking up next to a stranger.

It’s going to be uncomfortable for you both, keep that in mind. If you’re staying at their place, don’t bang and bail.  This person has been kind enough to let you share their bed. Sure, you were nice enough to let them share your body, but the least you can do is wait for them to wake up. You’ve most likely woken up in a hungover haze of confusion.  The last thing you feel like doing is pretending to be asleep for the next hour while they’re off in a deep post coital slumber, but be a good sport and wait it out, you might even score a free breakfast out of it!

If they’re staying at your place you need to be hospitable. Sure you might not remember their name or you might not be interested to seeing them again, but I’m not asking you to marry them! All you need to do is offer them a lift home and maybe a shower. There is literally nothing worse than stewing in last night’s filthy clothes.

 Pro: A potential re-match.

The good thing about partaking in a one night stand is that sometimes, they don’t have to last for ONE NIGHT ONLY. If the sex was good and the banter is on point, why not give it another go? Or several? It’s not often that you’ll meet someone that you not only have mind-blowing sex with, but also can actually stand to talk to post-ejaculation. Don’t discard every one night stand as disposable. There just might be a diamond amongst the rough to be found.

Con: They might be a clinger.

There’s nothing worse than bringing someone home for a quickie and then in the morning discovering that they’ve been in love with you for years. This may be bewildering for you, I mean, you’re not even Facebook friends, but unrequited love has its ways and it’s not to be reckoned with.

How do you avoid this? Be clear from the beginning. Let them know that you’re only after a one night thing, not after you’ve banged them, because you’ll come across like a dickhead, but beforehand. That way, you can read their body language and see if you’re both on the same page and if you’re not, then maybe just settle for a night of cuddles. You may want to have sex with them anyway, but it’s really not worth the incessant text messages and tears, trust me.