Summer Season is Upon Us – SPF is in and Sun Tanning is OUT

This summer tanning should be a no go

Summer Season is Upon Us – SPF is in and Sun Tanning is OUT

With the summer season just around the corner, sunny days and high UV will be upon us very soon. Although this comes with much excitement for beach-filled days, lounging in a bikini by the sea and walking home feeling warm and baked from the sun. These long-held ideals need to begin to change as 16, 221 new cases of melanoma of the skin was diagnosed in Australia in 2020 alone. The sun tanning culture in Australia is so deeply imbedded in our ideals of quintessential summer days, it is no surprise that the numbers for the deadly skin cancer, melanoma, are so high.

It needs to become more known that tanning is skin cells in trauma. The myth that a sun-tan is inherently good and healthy for you is so far from the truth. With the array of alternatives on offer from today there are many other options that will still mimic that true summer glow without putting yourself at risk. From tinted moisturisers, spray tans and self-tanners there are so many options that are far better than the real thing.

Prevention is critical. The classic slip, slop, slap, seek and slide should be followed this summer. Following these simple steps lowers your risk of skin trauma and developing skin cancer by a substantial amount. Also, sunscreen is one of the best beauty treatments to prevent anti-ageing in the long-term. So, SPF not only protects you from UVA and UVB but also will help life your beauty regime to the max.

A ‘touch’ of colour is OUT and the SPF is IN and Re-applying again and again and again for this summer and future summers.

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