Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins: Myth or Miracle?

Does the Kardashian-fuelled fad really work?

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins: Myth or Miracle?
Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins: Myth or Miracle?

Healthy hair makes the world go round, or so it would appear if you followed any of the myriad of celebrities that endorse Sugar Bear Hair. The company produces Hair Vitamins in the form of gummy bears that apparently make your hair healthy, reduce dandruff, flaky skin and hair loss – and make you look like a Kardashian. Yes, the famed family has jumped on board with new mum Khloe Kardashian being a key influencer for the brand.

But do these gummies work?

Sugar Bear Hair “contains all natural ingredients like folic acid, biotin and a host of vitamins that are proven to support a healthy growth of hair”- according to the creators. But says that the main ingredient, biotin, is nothing we don’t get through foods we regularly eat. A daily serving of Sugar Bear Hair (2 gummy bears) is listed as containing 167 the adult daily requirement.

A few studies have reported a 25% increase in nail thickness when taking regular increased doses of biotin, and another suggested that women suffering from hair loss could be linked to a biotin deficiency. However, there are no studies that prove biotin will increase hair growth or texture in people who are not deficient in biotin.

So, to sum it up, No- chances are these gummies aren’t your miracle cure to being the next Andie MacDowell. And if you are biotin deficient a trip to the chemist will probably be more beneficial and won’t break the bank!




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