The Importance of a Comfortable Hike

Why hiking socks are just as important as good hiking shoes

Hiking Socks
Hiking Socks

Good hiking boots are an essential item if you are serious about long distance trekking, impacting the ground with every step. Your socks however, have a more integral role, to ensure your feet are comfortable and healthy. Hiking as a hobby can be a commitment, and more than enough people don’t prepare well enough, finishing their journey with their feet in tatters. The rest of us only know about it, because we read Wild.

Not only do socks cushion your feet during the hike, they also control their temperature. This makes bamboo socks, with their moisture wicking capabilities ideal. It’s preferred that the socks promote circulation, and withstand chafing.

Picking the right hiking sock is crucial to avoid a painful trek, without them you open yourself up to chafing, blisters and cracked and swollen feet. Not something that will make you want to finish your journey.

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