Serena De Comarmond’s New Book on How to Find Aussies Love

Serena De Comarmond is Australia’s #1 Matchmaker And Says Women Need To Ditch The Apps For A Traditional Way To Fall In Love

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Love me? Love me!

Serena De Comarmond is Australia’s #1 Matchmaker and is here to help you fall in love with her new book ‘Love me? Love me!’.

Serena has found that in order to find love you need to focus on improving yourself, ditch the app and get out in the real world.

Serena explained to us that dating apps have peaked and troughed. The reason behind people using the apps has gone from genuine interest in finding love, to looking for a quick hook-up. Women can find it very difficult searching for men who are genuinely interested in falling in love on dating apps as men as have “a smörgåsbord” of women to trial and error, finding ones who’ll have sex with them.

“Dating apps have done a 360, where people are no longer finding love but, instead, a temporary love in a way,” says Serena.

So we asked her what some of her techniques to finding love are.

Serena explained that the philosophy behind her book is based on the law of attraction. You simply attract people with a similar value and worth to yourself.

Which makes the first thing you need to do to find love is to fix yourself.

“In becoming the best version of yourself you basically become a magnet to the great guys you are looking for.”

As the tagline to her book states: “find the love of your life by loving yourself first”, which is why the first half of her book is dedicated to techniques to improve yourself. You’ll have to pick up a copy of the book to let her guide you through becoming the best you you can be.

In moving away from apps in order to find your one, there are strategies or techniques you can take. As Serena described to us, there are sites such as where you can find single groups tailored to your interests, such as lawyers or footy fans and dive head first into a social setting full of like-minded single people.

“These single events everyone has the same head space.” Which as Serena described, makes everyone a lot more comfortable, relaxed and ready to find love.

If you’re looking for finding love and have found the online-y dating app-y thing just not really working out, then you might just have to pick up a copy of ‘Love me? Love me!’ and let Serena, the matchmaking queen, help you out.


Serena de Comarmond AKA Serena DC is a visionary who subscribes to the mantra that if you can dream it, you can do it.  Over the years Serena has become a recognised part of the entrepreneurial community, creating business in the beauty and tech industries and most recently in the travel and dating industry.

Aside from her entrepreneurial ventures, Serena is a professionally training TV presenter who has be tutored under the wing’s of E! online and Suzanna Sena (esteemed LA based TV presenter).  Serena enjoys presenting and hosting events as she loves to get up close and personal with an audience, making each person feel like they are the most important person in the room.  Her funny and bubbly personality make sure that any event is filled with energy, laughter and excitement.

As a TV presenter Serena enjoys drawing her audience in by exuding warmth and genuine passion for whatever topic or product is being discussed.  Coming from a background of sales and marketing Serena is able to use her persuasive language skills to rapid draw her audience in and make anything she is talking about sound amazing!

Serena’s passion project is her matchmaker holiday / vacation business called iHeart Travel.  iHeart Travel creates oversea’s holidays / vacations for single people looking for love. It is through this project that Serena has gained valuable intel on the dating world and has taken this knowledge and turned it into a self help book called “Love Me? Love Me!.”  With this book she hopes to help single people improve their self esteem and lift their dating game to help them find love faster and to fall in love with the perfect person for them.