Apple is Heeding The Emoji Call

Finally, an emoji for almost every occasion.

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New Apple Emoji

Apple has just released a new round of emojis, welcoming a dumpling, a dinosaur and a rock climber into their emoticon keyboard. If you’ve ever wanted to show that you’re heading to yum cha with your purple dinosaur after a rock climbing adventure, now is your time to shine.

Some emojis, like the avocado and the recent dumpling, have been long awaited. Others, like the aforementioned purple dinosaur? Less so, but still cute!

It seems that the tech giant is on a mission to eliminate the need for any actual words to be texted out. Will we be holding entire text conversations solely through emojis soon? It certainly seems that way, now that it’s easier than ever to ask your friend out for dumplings or a trip to the natural history museum.

More emojis are scheduled to be released by Apple shortly.