Amazon Set To Launch By The End Of November

Australia is about to get its first taste of Cyber Monday sales

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In big news for retailers and consumers alike, it looks like Amazon is set to launch in Australia in November. The global corporation has had its sights set on Australia for a while, and though a 2018 launch was rumoured, all signs seem to be pointing to a launch by the end of this month.

Amazon was up against the ACCC, with local retailers upset at the company’s ability to undercut them, but the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has given the retailer the green light to practice their business in Australia, without breaching any laws. It’s a sticking point for local companies, who fear the arrival will drastically impact their margins.

If the retailer is to launch in November, it means Amazon will be able to trade in Australia for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, America’s biggest shopping events of the year, where retailers slash their prices more than any other time of year. Though people still camp outside their favourite brick and mortar stores, in recent years, the switch to online shopping has seen visits to Amazon skyrocket during the Black Friday sales.

Similarly, with a November launch, Amazon will be reaching the Australian market in time for the hoards of Christmas shoppers. With Australian consumers expected to spend over $40 billion in the lead-up to the Christmas period, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the online retailer.

It looks like there’s plenty of cheap shopping on the horizon, but Australian retailers best be ready for the Amazon storm when it arrives.