Practical Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

Could waking up earlier be the answer to a better 2020?

Practical Tips for Becoming a Morning Person
Practical Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

With many of us going back to work this week after the holidays it is time to dust off our alarms and get back into a routine. This time of year can be especially hard to gather the motivation to get out of bed, let alone look forward to it. With New Year’s resolutions set we are often wanting to increase productivity, be more active or start a hobby. What if I told you there was a simple way to do this? Well, maybe not so simple for many but opting for an earlier start could be the answer. Below are some practical ways to make the prospect of an earlier wake up less daunting.

It Starts in The Evening

This might go without saying but what we do in the evenings may have a major impact on how we feel about the morning. Going to bed a little earlier, preparing our lunch or deciding on our outfit the night before frees up a considerable amount of time in the morning, giving you more time to use as you desire.

Wake Up Smarter

There is nothing worse than waking up abruptly to our alarm buzzing loudly at 5am, even avid morning people are not welcoming to such a rude awakening. With many apps such as Pillow utilising IPhone technology to track sleep and predict the best time for us to wake up based on the stages of sleep we are in, it can be a great option to feel well rested from the moment we wake up.

Have Something to Look Forward To.

Having a few hours in the morning that are allocated for yourself can be a welcomed reprieve before the day begins. An easy way to get more motivated to get out of bed is to have something you look forward to every morning, such as cooking a nice breakfast, having an extra cup of coffee while watching thesun rises, exercising or catching up on a magazine or book you’ve been struggling to find the time for.

Start Slow 

Getting your body clock into a different rhythm can be hard, if you are used to waking up at 7am try 6:45am and increase this time as you get used to it, chances are you’ll start to enjoy the extra time you have to get ready for the day and wantto increase it.

So, start your year off right and challenge yourself to wake up earlier this week.