Spring Pet Care

Is your pet prepared for the warmer weather?

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Pet Care

Spring has finally arrived, but before you take your pets out to enjoy the sunshine, make sure they’re prepared for the pests that the warmer weather may bring.

  • Shedding. No doubt you’ve noticed more fur floating around than usual, as your pet is starting to shed their winter coat. Save yourself the extra cleaning and your pet from irritating, matted fur by brushing them daily. A brush with dual level teeth on a springy bed is best for unknotting matted coats and getting rid of dead fur. Not only will this help prevent overheating, but it’s a great way to keep an eye out for possible parasites hiding in your pet’s coat.
  • Tick paralysis affects 10,000 dogs every year, and the treatment can cost thousands. It’s always good to look for ticks while you’re grooming, but even better to use a preventative tablet or a treatment applied directly to the fur. Read tick repellent labels carefully, as permethrin is very effective in dogs but dangerously toxic to cats.
  • These nasty nibblers will be back with a vengeance now that the sun has returned. To prevent fleas, you can dab a spot of product on your pet’s neck, give them a monthly tablet or, for dogs, spray them with a weekly or daily rinse. If you’re too late for a preventative, flea shampoos or one-time tablets will make quick work of fleas and their eggs.
  • Flies are usually attracted to the tips of the ears, as well as the eyes, mouths and noses of pets. Their bites can cause dermatitis in the form of crusty, bleeding sores. If this is a problem it’s best to spray Permoxin on the affected areas or purchase a fly repelling ointment to rub onto your pet’s skin.
  • Roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms are big problems during the warmer months and the beginning of Spring is the best time to prevent them. Ideally, your cat or dog should be wormed every three months. It’s easy to find umbrella tablets that cover all the intestinal worms, some of them even include flea preventatives. So shop smart, but if you’re ever unsure about mixing different tablets for your pet, don’t hesitate to consult your local vet.