Meet Australia’s Aspiring Football Star Maxine DiBlasi

Read about the three-word motto that is helping Football Star Maxine DiBlasi achieve her dreams.


Maxine DiBlasi is an energetic, aspiring and hardworking individual that that has set her sights on becoming a professional footballer. DiBlasi at the young age of 15 is currently playing her football at Heidelberg United FC in the U19s Women’s National Premier League competition and pushing hard to hopefully get a senior Women’s gig in the upcoming 2021 season!

DiBlasi epitomises the meaning of complete contrast, at times she is endeared with the term ‘Beauty & The Beast’ because of her angelic looks but her vicious attack on the ball when she crosses that white line. 

DiBlasi hopes to embark on a long and successful career in football and not only develop into an elite athlete but to also develop her life skills through the rigors of an elite environment and to hopefully help other young girls to fall in love with the game of football…

Maxine DiBlasi

DiBlasi lives by a three-word motto that helps her to self-regulate and find motivation: Discipline, Humility and Ownership. To succeed, one must take responsibility and ownership over their actions and work hard to accomplish their goals. The combination of discipline, humility and ownership that guides DiBlasi’s life is what has helped her to remain focused in all aspects of life and to overcome difficult times, she harnesses a strong mentality that also helps her remain resilient, both on and off the field.

DiBlasi is also an advocate for female empowerment. DiBlasi accredits Helen Tyrikos, Head of Women’s Football at Heidelberg United FC, for helping her to believe in herself and constantly push her to reach her maximum potential. In a world that constantly pins women against each other, DiBlasi brings a refreshing perspective on the power and importance of supporting other women and how crucial it is to have role-models to guide young women to accomplish their dreams.

Maxine DiBlasi

DiBlasi hopes and aspires to one day take her place alongside women like Elise Perry, Tayla Harris, and Ash Barty – women who are not only creating their own individual sporting legacies but are also becoming the women that are inspiring young Australian girls every day. These sportswomen show that no dream is ever too big, no wall too tall to climb and no industry – no matter how male-dominated – is ever too challenging for a woman to succeed in.

Maxine DiBlasi

Women of all ages can learn something from just these early stages of DiBlasi’s career. As an athlete, she teaches the importance of hard work and discipline. As a role-model, she shows how to break down barriers and how to understand one’s self-worth so they never have to compare themselves against unrealistic expectations. Young girls all around Australia will be able to look up to and learn from a leader showing strength, dedication, humility, and, above all else, that there is nothing we, as women, cannot accomplish when we set out minds to it.

DiBlasi currently is managed by Women’s Football Media experts Gold Leaf Creative and has also become the face of Women’s Football Protective Gear brand BOOB ARMOUR.

Maxine DiBlasi

Q&A with Maxine DiBlasi

Q: What’s your daily mantra?

I can do this & I’m worthy

Q; Why is it important for young women to only compete with themselves and not with others?

You biggest opponent is yourself, as that is the only person that can stop you from progressing.

Q: What advise do you have for other aspiring women who are looking to get into football?

Football is only the vehicle to learning more about yourself and your limits and how to push through those limits, you learn life skills just as much as becoming an athlete

Q: What’s is your past time hobby?

Calisthenics is also my other passion since I younger

Q: Who inspires you?

Matilda Footballer Ellie Carpenter is definitely my inspiration as she is such a determined player who puts in 100% in every training session and every match

Q; Social media handles?

Instagram – @maxinediblasi

Facebook –