Laugh Your way to Better Health

There’s a saying that laughter is the best medicine and it turns out to have a lot of merit behind it.

Laugh Your way to Better Health.

We all enjoy watching our favourite sitcom, going to a stand-up gig or even just laughing with or at our friends. No matter how you get your dose of comedy, it has an overall impact on our health.

Laughing is a physical response stimulated by the brain through external or internal factors we find humorous and can lead to physical and mental health benefits.

1. Laughter Releases Endorphins

It improves the production of serotonin which helps regulate and stabilise your mood. Endorphins are referred to as the feel-good chemical or the body’s natural morphine. It has an array of benefits, from reduced stress and anxiety to boosted self-esteem. learn more about endorphins here.

2. Laughter can bring people together

Humour has a special way of bringing people together and connecting one another. You and a friend might bond over a joke no one else understands or you might try to laugh at your boss’ attempted joke for that future promotion. Laughter and humour help build interpersonal skills and create social engagement. Find out more here.

3. Laughter is a muscle relaxant

Laughing stimulates circulation around the body due to the increased oxygen intake while laughing. This means increased blood flow to your brain, lungs and muscles. So, taking a short laugh break can improve blood flow to the brain and increase productivity. For more information read here.

Laughter is a universal and contagious act that spreads positivity and a positive mindset leads to positive outcomes. For more benefits read here.