Indoor Plants For Your Home

Indoor plants that will thrive in any area of your home.


The Bathroom:

There are many indoor plants that are ideal for bathrooms but the Peace Lily is like no other.

The Peace Lily’s natural environment is one of extreme humidity so it suits the bathroom’s climate where it can absorb the steam from showers and bath in the room’s moisture. Producing beautiful flowers and with it’s large leaves, this plant perks up any bathroom it’s in.

The Kitchen:

Edibles are perfect for kitchens. Basil, rosemary, parsley and other herbs thrive on windowsills and above sinks where they provide cute décor and are available for your use while making pasta sauce.

Aloe Vera is also a great one for the kitchen as it is almost un-killable, and although suits any part of the house, is especially handy to have close by as its sap is a remedy for any baking oven burns!

The Bedroom:

Dracaenas, or dragon plants, are great for the bedroom. They are fantastic air purifiers, absorbing carbon dioxide and nasties from the air and releasing clean oxygen for you to breath in while you sleep. They are also very appealing on the eyes with their numerous leaves and bright colours.

They thrive in low light so are great indoors away from the direct sunlight of a window. These are perfect décor for the bedroom and are great in the background of Instagram mirror shots!

The Lounge Room:

Transform your lounge room with hanging plants such as String of Pearls or String of Bananas that have foliage that will fall freely down from anywhere you place. These plants spruce up your room, adding colour, texture and life to the central point of your home.