Paris Hilton Shares Her Styling Tips

Paris Hilton (Image Source: man repeller)
Paris Hilton (Image Source: man repeller)

Once a queen, always a queen and never to be dethroned, Paris Hilton, the original it-girl of fashion and the 2000s is back with a fun and informative video to give you all the styling tips you need to be just as hot as her.

In a collaborative piece with fashion magazine W, Hilton gives a rundown on the most crucial styling tips of the 2000s, from how to wear tracksuits to slogan tees and even a bag necessity that every it-person needs (Hint: it’s a small dog!)

Everything comes in a full circle, and no matter how many new Instagram-models or fresh faces try to come into the fashion industry to take over, Paris Hilton cannot be beat, because she essentially invented everything – and rightfully so.