Ikea’s New Must-Have Range For Pet Lovers

Now pets can make the most of Scandinavian style.

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Idea Pet Friendly Furniture

If you’ve ever despaired at bulky pet beds or loathed their messy litter trays, then Ikea is here to save the day. The masters of affordable Scandinavian design, and the single-handed decorators of thousands of millennial homes across the world, have now turned their attention to the most important member of the family – the furry fellow!

Ikea’s pet range recently debuted in American, Canadian, French and Japanese stores, with plenty of Aussies hoping their pooches will be pampered soon. The line features cat homes, beds, blankets, food bowls, toys, and even poo bags, for the style-conscious pet.

While there’s no release date on Australian shores, one thing is for certain – Ikea is changing the pet furniture game for good.

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