De-clutter your life starting with your bedroom!

Because sometimes clearing your head starts with what’s around you.

Declutter Your Life,, crowd ink, crowdink
Declutter Your Life (source: Youtube)

Your bedroom is a place of solace. It’s your own space that you can express yourself and be truly comfortable in. Having an organised space to relax in after a long day can make you feel calm and collected while giving you a space to collect your thoughts.

Often this kind of space will reflect what’s going on in your life. For example if you’re stressed about work or exams it can take a toll on the state of your room.

When life gets a little hectic it can make you feel better if you have a clear place to sort everything out.

On that note, here are 5 ways to de-clutter your room that double as stylish storage solutions.

1. Old candles jars can be some of the handiest things you’ll ever recycle. Once you clean them out they can be used as storage containers for things like makeup brushes, pens, cotton cue tips and even bobby pins. The same goes with mason jars, a stylish and unique way to organise everyday things.

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Mason Jars (source: Pinterest)

2. It might sound crazy but an old ladder might be just what you need! Leaning a ladder with wide steps against a wall can create extra storage space and a unique feature for your bedroom. You can use it to stack things like books, towels and blankets or even use it as a bedside table if its placed next to your bed.

Ladder,, crowd ink, crowdink
Ladder (source: Pinterest)

3. A pegboard pin board, now there’s an idea! Who doesn’t love the ease of hanging something in its spot and knowing exactly where it belongs?

This one is simple, get yourself a pegboard and place the pegs at convenient spots to hang what you need to! Think handbag, scarfs, hats, watches and other accessories! The options are endless and this neat addition to your room will help de clutter in no time.

Pegboard,, crowd ink, crowdink
Pegboard (source: Pinterest)

4. Spice racks aren’t only for the kitchen! Say goodbye to drawers full of nail polish bottles and hello to a simple solution. Fastening a spice rack to the inside of a wardrobe door can keep all your nail polishes in one spot and make them easy to see.

Declutter Your Life,, crowdink, crowd ink
Declutter Your Life (source: Pinterest)

5. Now that you’ve organised the rest of your room, you can turn your attention to your drawers. This is where clothing separators become your best friend. These are ideal for thinner clothing like underwear, scarfs and bras.

Clothing Drawer Seperator,, crowd ink, crowdink
Clothing Drawer Seperator (source: Pinterest)

There you have it, five easy ways to de-clutter your bedroom and make everything a little more organised, one less thing for you to think about.