How to Find the Perfect Pre-Loved Outfit Without Spending big Bucks

Three tips that make thrift shopping easy, affordable and worth it.

How to Find the Perfect Pre-Loved Outfit without Spending Big Bucks.

Fashion trends are overrated. They’re in style for the season, worn by their purchaser a couple of times and then thrown to the back of the wardrobe when a new trend arrives in store. 

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world with one garbage truck of clothes sent to landfill or burned every second. However, seeking out a fresh wardrobe isn’t the villain in this scenario. It’s more a matter of where you should make your purchase that’s important.

Thrift shopping is a trend that has flown under the radar for some time. It’s seen as something that only the “hip” people do – but it doesn’t have to be.

Thousands of pre-loved designs hide away on the hangers of thrift shop racks around the world, waiting for a new admirer to fall in love with them and take them home. The real question is, how do you differentiate hidden treasure from a designthat’s far past it’s time?

  1. Make a List of What You Need Before Shopping

The last thing you want to do is to contribute to more waste by purchasing items that you don’t need. A list won’t only help you find exactly what you want but it will also shorten the time spent browsing the store. Also, if you need to find a pair of jeans to match your sweater or a shirt to match your skirt, bring those items with you so you can mix and match outfits.

2. Inspect Your Items Before Buying

Not all pre-loved clothes are going to be in top-shape and that’s okay! Remember that you can patch up tiny holes and tailor items to fit your size. What you don’t want is clothing with stains that you think will be difficult to remove and wash out. Also find out the shop’s return policy prior to purchase to avoid any unwanted surprises.

3. Don’t Expect to Buy Something Every Time

Thrift shopping is like any retail therapy, but don’t let it shatter your hopes and dreams if you don’t find something. Think of it like a treasure hunt, you don’t find the hidden treasure straight away. Instead, try on everything. You never know, the hidden treasure may lie within the unisex department of the store.

The fourth and final step is to wear some comfy clothes, grab a friend and go and check out your closest thrift shop store. Have some fun and get lost in the adventure that lies within somebody else’s pre-loved clothing.