The hottest snacks for cooling down this Summer

You know what people don’t like doing in Summer? Cooking. You know what they do like doing? Eating.

Summer Smoothie
Summer Smoothie

A list of basic treats to help you survive the Summer heat.

It’s hot outside. This is normal because it’s Summer. Cool.

You know what people don’t like doing in Summer? Cooking. You know what they do like doing? Eating.

As a gift to you this sweaty season I’ve made you a list of five snacks to get you by when you’ve got pit stains and a heat-induced bad attitude. Fast, fresh and fun, you’ll be refreshed and reenergised in a jiff.

1. Frozen grapes

As simple as it gets fellas gather round. Buy some grapes, organic if you can, just kidding I don’t mind what kind you use- a little bit of pesticide never hurt anyone you know what I’m saying? Once you’ve bought your supermarket chain grapes give them a little rinsy, pop them in a resealable bag and slam those babies in the freezer. As is the role of freezers, they will freeze your grapes. Once frozen, you’ve got yourself an ice cold sugary treat. All the fun and none of the calories. That’s what I’m talking about baby.

2. Juice

Juice is a controversial product because of its high sugar content and the nutrition-stripping nature of the juicer. Healthy or not, juice is tasty. Either whip it up yourself if you’re ritzy enough to have a juicer at home, or head out to your local juice bar and grab a vegie dominated sweet treat. Supporting local business and staying hydrated- you’re a star and you are going places I can feel it.

3. Smoothies

As my great Aunt always said, “smoothies are a delicious blended product”. Was she in advertising? No. Was she right? Yes. Smoothies really are delicious. They can even be made healthier with the help of products such as acai, cacao nibs and kale. So whip on your active gear and pick yourself up a pretentious $10 berry blend today.

4. Banana ice cream

All you need is a banana. As you did with the grapes, freeze a banana or two, ensuring they are peeled (I’ve made that mistake before and it wasn’t pretty) and bang them in the blender for a soft-serve like consistency banana delight. Does is taste exactly like ice cream?

God no. Mainly it tastes like a frozen banana. But at least it’s cold right?

5. Icy poles

Icy poles will take you back to your childhood. Pop some of your left over juice or smoothie from above into an icy-pole mould and into the freezer for a gorgeous treat when you get home from work. If you haven’t got a mould because you’re not a child nor are you with child then pop it in a cup and put a spoon in it. It’s not really the same but you’re an adult and you really shouldn’t be eating icy poles. Grow up.

I’m realizing now I am reaching the end of my list that most of the things I have listed here are just frozen versions of things. Whoops. I’m a journalist not a chef what do you want from me?

Enjoy the Summer sun.

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