3 Ways to Avoid Burnout This Summer.

3 Ways to Avoid Burnout This Summer.
3 Ways to Avoid Burnout This Summer.

It can be overwhelming trying to make time to spend time with family and friends with the many events and social occasions that often fill our calendars. It is easy to get caught up in the hype and obligations that we forget to take time for ourselves to recharge. Here are some simple tips to help you have a more enjoyable holiday period that will hopefully leave you feeling refreshed rather than stressed.

  1. Plan

Organise your schedule better. Whether it is deciphering who you will be visiting, any cooking preparations and any travel can help you to organise your time and outline any potential causes for stress.

  1. Say No.

Sometimes a hectic schedule is unavoidable, but if you find yourself feeling to exhausted or better yet predict it will, then say no. Everyone understands that this time of year can cause a lot of unwanted panic and stress so politely declining the dinner and drinks with friends or simply leaving early can do wonders for your energy levels. 

  1. Minimise travel.

Arguably travelling is one of the most stressful tasks for many over this time. There can be hours spent driving across the state to visit family and battling the holiday traffic can be a nightmare at best. So, decipher the necessary travel and look for option to decrease stress such as carpooling with family or friends, leaving early to avoid traffic or taking public transport