Heroes: Even in Their Downtime

Help never stops for those in need

Heroes: Even in Their Downtime

In light of the devastating bushfires that Australia has faced in the past few months, countless amounts of our native wildlife have been injured and lost.

However, Australia is on the mend and its thanks to the hundreds of men and women who have spent their time lending a hand to those who need it most.

The Australian Army have worked tirelessly to not only provide support during the hours of crisis but to provide relief through supplies, volunteering and getting people to safety.

It is only recently that many of these hardworking individuals are finally getting the chance to stop and have a rest.

Even though all these wonderful people deserve to do is head home and catch up on much needed hours of sleep, their perseverance and passion towards the place they call home continues to shine through.

Cleland Wildlife Park in the Adelaide Hills has first-hand experienced the blessing of support from Army officers who are currently on their rest period, they joined forces with the park to dedicate their time off to doing anything they can to help.

Whilst they could be relaxing, they’re spending their days assisting in the feeding of much of the injured wildlife. Nursing young koalas back to health and cradling them to provide the sense of familiarity that they so desperately need after all they have faced.

They don’t stop their however, they’re not just getting in a cuddle and a feed, they’re still up and about on their feet helping the wildlife park team to build climbing mountains and recreations of the koala’s natural habitat so that they can rest and restore in an environment that they’ll be soon to return to.

It is compassion and caring such as this, that emphasise the true spirit of Australians and the willingness of us all to come together and do our bit, even when we’re not expected to.