Healthy and Nutritious Grab-and-Go Snacks

The healthy and nutritious supermarket snacks that are delicious and good for you.

Healthy and Nutritious Grab-and-Go Snacks
Healthy and Nutritious Grab-and-Go Snacks

Trying to have a healthy and balanced diet is easier said than done, especially when it hits the afternoon mark and you don’t think you’ll be able to hold off until dinner. There are some great healthy snack recipes online, but sometimes you just want to be able to ‘grab-and-go’ without wondering whether you have certain ingredients in your cupboard.

We’ve created a small list of items to buy next time you hit those afternoon-cravings that are full of healthy and nutritious ingredients. You can find these items at most supermarkets.


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• Carman’s Muesli Bars: opt for ones that don’t contain chocolate, like their ‘Fruit & Nut’ or ‘Original Fruit Free’ bars that are high in fibre and low in saturated fats and sugars
• Hummus and Carrots: you can buy Yumi’s in 3x small containers and even buy your carrots pre-cut. This is a great source of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which help improve your heart health.
• Arnott’s Vita-Weat 9 Grains: made from 100% whole grains, another small and perfect snack to take on the go
• Bürgen Soy-Lin: stacked full of fibre and protein, a slice or two of these is the perfect snack. Top with honey, vegemite or organic peanut butter
• Cobs Sea Salt Popcorn: high in fibre, buy these in their small multi-packs to stop yourself from eating too much.
• Chobani Greek Yoghurt: with twice the amount of protein than regular yoghurt, this is a great grab-and-go snack that is incredibly filling.
• Unsalted Nuts: a terrific source of fat, fibre and protein as well as lots of vitamins and minerals. You can buy packets of singular nuts, such as almonds or cashews, or buy small, mixed grab-and-go packets.
• Fruit and Vegetables: you have an endless option at supermarkets including carrots, apples and bananas that will help make you full
• Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate 70%: for those sweet-tooth cravings. When eaten in proportion, dark chocolate can be a good source of fibre and protein.


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All these snacks are great grab-and-go’s for when you’re on the move, or even just at home and want something pre-made. They’re incredibly filling and will be able to keep you satisfied until dinner. Remember to look for products that come in small packets to not only make them easier to carry around but also to stop you from overeating.