A Health Haven- Soul Press

Soul Press has just opened its doors in Mornington and the suburb couldn’t be happier.

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Soul Press Mornington (source: Yoga 213)

Soul Press, a health food café specialising in all of your nutritious needs has opened in Mornington’s number one foodie destination- Main Street.

Adorned with pastel coloured tables, a jungle of indoor plants and geometric shapes all up in everything, Soul Press is a refreshing must-visit location if you are in the area and craving a healthy nibble on this or a wholesome sip on that.

Acai bowls, smoothies and ‘the original’ smashed avo are all features of the vibrant menu.

The chain also has stores in Edithvale and Brighton for city types, but if you are a Peninsula dweller then save your petrol and head to this gorgeously located café.

Is it pretentious? A smidge. But if you let go of your judgement, slap on your athletic tights and embrace this on-trend café’s Instagram inspired beauty, then you will have a brilliant time and feel like a bit of a hero for swapping the eggs benny for something that will make your arteries smile.

Mosey the menu on the café’s website, attached below.