Face Cleansers: Is a Water-Only Approach Actually More Effective Than Expensive Brands?

An evaluation on existing skincare advice towards the water-only face wash approach

Face Cleansers: Is a Water-Only Approach Actually More Effective Than Expensive Brands?

Have you ever considered washing your face with just water? I’m sure your first reaction is something a long the lines of “absolutely not”. But dermatologists are actually divided.

Many of us spend $100’s of dollars on our skincare routines to tackle the various skin concerns we all have. It could be ageing, dryness, dullness, excess oil, acne, you name it – there’s a product out there marketed to fix it. But through using them do we actually notice measurable improvements? We buy and try so many products because we are so desperate to fix the skin concerns bothering us. But maybe the answer we’ve been looking for has always been right here.

As a result of unresolved issues, some consumers have turned to water-only washes. But how effective actually is this non-treatment solution? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer.

But what we do know is that water-only washes can prevent the skins natural oils from being stripped away helping it to stay hydrated. Store-bought products sometimes dry the skin out and require additional moisture to be added back in. This indicates that people with ageing or dry may benefit most from the water-only approach.

Alternatively, it is argued that water-only washing will lead to a build up of excess dead skin cells resulting in a rough texture prone to breakouts. It is further likely that those with acne and oily prone skin are the least likely to benefit from the water-only approach.

Skincare is different for everyone and it responds best when you listen to what it is telling you. Our skin in an organ and most of the time it’s pretty good at taking care of itself. It independently creates moisture, clears toxins, and rids bacteria. It is suggested that the best general approach is to keep it as clean and minimal as possible with room to vary for every individual’s own unique needs.  

Who knows, maybe give it a go? A water-only approach could be the answer your skin is very well asking for.

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