Four Essential Pieces for Every Wardrobe

The versatile items that will build your personal style year-round.

Four Essential Pieces for Every Wardrobe

While fashion trends seem to come, go, and come back again in the space of a few weeks, there are some garments you can rely on no matter the occasion. Whether you’re heading to work, going on a date, or keeping things casual, here are four pieces that will always have your back.

  1. The Black Blazer

With its simple-yet-chic style, you can pair a classic black blazer with any outfit to add a sophisticated edge. The lightweight build makes it the perfect jacket for any season, and you can dress it up or down with shoes and accessories.

2. A Good-Quality White T-Shirt

Although it can be tough to find the perfect white t-shirt, investing in the right one will give you the ideal foundation to build any outfit. Look for thicker materials that won’t appear translucent under light and pair with your favourite pants, shorts, or skirt of any colour.

3. Dark Blue Jeans

The perfect pair of dark blue jeans can work for any outfit, no matter the occasion. The pop of colour will compliment your neutral or colourful day-ware, while the deep tone also works well alongside dark colours if you’re heading out in the evening.

4. The LBD

If you’re having trouble shopping for pieces that will never go out of style, look no further than the classic Little Black Dress. You can wear this piece solo or with your favourite jacket, and no matter what the current trends are in fashion, your LBD will always be a great choice.

For the wardrobe that you can count on any day of the year, try adding these classic pieces into your collection.

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