Being an Environmental Crusader (The Easy Way)

The small decisions we make every day on a larger scale can have a profound impact.

Environmental Crusader
Environmental Crusader

The need for a sustainable future is something that dominates conversations around the globe with many now turning inwards to understand how they are impacting the environment it can seem quite daunting. With many feeling helpless or like the state of our planet is too big for them alone to tackle it is important to encourage the small acts of consciousness that can be easily incorporated into everyday life. Below are just a few of the easiest steps you can take.

Say No to Coffee Cups

Did you know that your takeaway coffee cups aren’t completely recyclable? Shocking, I know and while I could sit here and write about how you could sit down at a café and treat yourself to a little bit of time while you drink your morning coffee I won’t because in today’s age I understand that we are busy and there are places to be and meetings to attend. So, as you make your way to your baristas in the morning consider investing in a reusable coffee cup to swap out plastic single use coffee cups.

Ditch the Car

Getting stuck in peak-hour traffic is a daily routine for many, not only is it bad for the environment but it can be an added stress to your day. As public transportation is becoming more popular there are more options than ever to catch the train into major cities, cutting down on the number of cars piling up on the freeway while giving you the opportunity to get a head start on some work or read a book. Alternatively, if you live a smaller distance from your workplace you might consider riding your bike or walking, these zero emission modes of transport have countless benefits for your health so it is a win-win.


Re-think Your Laundry Habits

Most of us do at least one load of washing per day so thinking about how we can reduce our environmental impact when washing our clothes is something to consider. According to Sustainability Victoriasimply having your washing cycle set on cold can reduce energy use by around 80 per cent which is an easy change to make. Additionally, consider air drying your clothes, especially in the Summer months to reduce the need for the dryer to be on.

Make Your Own Lunch

Like many of us, eating healthier is high on the priority list so why not do something that can also reduce on waste? By opting to prepare your own lunch and pack it in a reusable container you can save on single use plastics and waste that can be accumulated through picking up takeaway food on your lunchbreak.

So, next time you go to get a coffee, do a load of washing or unlock your car consider how your small decisions could impact someone else, and then someone else until it becomes the normal. There are many simple ways to be nicer to the earth, how are you helping?