Don’t Go on a ‘Retreat’, Go on a Balance Break.

There’s a difference between a wellness “retreat” and a “balance break.” Do you know it?

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People often ask why we call our version of a health retreat a ‘Balance Break’. For us, the word ‘retreat’ brings up all sorts of negative connotations, and no wonder – here’s its definition: The act or process of moving back or away, especially from something hazardous, formidable, or unpleasant. So our Balance Breaks are a little different.

While we agree that some parts of life can be all of those things, we want a healthy holiday/getaway/break to be something you run towards, regroup and then take what’s learned willingly back into your – let’s face it – pretty amazing life!

The ‘retreat’ format sparks thoughts of 5am door knocks, bootcamp-esque runs through the jungle or hour upon hour of yoga and glass upon glass of green juice. Not all of those are everyone’s cup of tea. Here are the biggest differences between our Balance Breaks and a typical health retreat:

  • They’re entirely personalised depending on what you want, need, and are out to achieve. With an in-depth pre-consultation we’ll learn a whole lot more about you so we can tailor your break to be YOUR perfect getaway
  • Everything is optional. We encourage you to take part in everything, but let’s face it – it’s YOUR holiday, and you should spend it exactly as you please. We offer surfing, yoga, Pilates, BOXILATES® and Barre classes plus hikes and other adventures too!
  • You’ll EAT. No juice benders here! This is about fresh, healthy options and – of course – organic wine and dessert. Try our Sri Lankan Chicken Curry for a sample of what you can expect!
  • Personal development is key. We always offer activities and writing exercises of this nature, because how often do we take the time to check in with where we’re at, and where we want to go?
  • We’re there with you. Think of us as your personal holiday planners – your wish is our command! We want our Breaks to feel like a holiday with your mates, but with a health and wellbeing focus.
  • It doesn’t end when you leave us. On your return we email you your wellbeing plan with our recommendations from your health consultation, postural assessment AND your personalised exercise plan. Then, keep in touch with classes, recipes, videos, and events designed to keep the goodness going
  • Everything is included, so once you make your way to us it’s highly likely you won’t touch your wallet. Many retreats consider essentials to be ‘extras’ but we factor in everything –  so you get maximum bang for your buck.

As the name suggests, Balance Breaks are balanced, real and personalised – so you get exactly what you want out of YOUR week. You’ll go home glowing, lighter, leaner, stronger and happier, having let your hair down AND put some seriously good work into yourself.