Disneyland Goes Bush

The beloved theme park is getting a natural makeover

Disney Resort
Disney Resort

Disney has officially confirmed that they are opening up a new part of the park, adding 900 new hotel rooms, and a slightly different aspect for visitors to enjoy.

The exciting new addition will be inspired by and dedicated to Walt Disney’s lifelong love and respect for nature. Not only that, but the accommodations themselves will be fun, surprising, and irresistible, according to the Senior Vice President of Disney Vacation Club, Terri Schulz.

The new nature-themed accommodation is set to open in 2022, so you’ve got plenty of time to send in pitch-ideas for what you want it to look like. I’m more excited for the new Star Wars section to be opened, personally. I can hang out with nature any old time, but I’m yet to be asked to join an intergalactic war.