Are You Damaging Your Skin? Charcoal vs. Clay Masks.

Find out the difference between charcoal vs. clay face masks and what they actually do to your skin.

Are You Damaging Your Skin? Charcoal vs. Clay Masks.
Are You Damaging Your Skin? Charcoal vs. Clay Masks.

Face masks are all fun and games until they leave your face red, sore and incredibly dry. It’s no secret that skincare can be very overwhelming. There’s so much information online about what products to use, different skin types, how to solve different skin issues and what ingredients you should avoid.

We’ve decided to tackle the face mask challenge – specifically, whether you should be using charcoal or clay masks. Face masks are an important step in any beauty routine as they help to rid your skin of the deep dirt missed when exfoliating. When done correctly, face masks will rejuvenate your skin and leave it feeling moist, clean and glowing.

Charcoal masks have become increasingly popular. The charcoal acts as a detoxifier that helps to rid your skin of unwanted toxins and it works best for targeting specific skin issues, such as deeply rooted blackheads or dead skin removal. The downside to this mask is that alongside removing the unwanted toxins, it also removes natural skin oils and essential vitamins and lessens the ability of your skin to retain moisture, often leading to post-application drying. This can, however, be treated by a hydrating moisturiser.

Clay masks are sort of everybody’s best friends. These masks use calcium bentonite clay, which has been found to effectively unclog pores. These masks suit most types of skins – from sensitive to oily to combination to acne-prone – and work best for skin issues such as acne, unclogging pores and irritation. These clay masks usually don’t have as much post-application drying and are easy to wash off once completed, so they won’t leave your face feel sore or red.

Unfortunately, it comes back to the age-old saying that the right mask for your is dependent upon your skin type and issues. Neither mask should be left on for too long, otherwise you’ll risk drawing more oils from your skin and leave it incredibly dry. If you’re not too sure which brand to use, ask a dermatologist or skincare professional working at stores like Mecca. Opt for more gentle brands if you’re just starting out and remember that skincare is a marathon, not a sprint.

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