Bring that Boring Bedroom Back to Life!

If you are in a creative mood and want to redesign your bedroom, start here.

Bring your bedroom to life

A bedroom is a place of serenity, peace, and relaxation. Most of us put our own unique spin on the design of our bedroom which highlights our personality. If you are in a creative mood and want to redesign your bedroom, start here.


Before anything, take the time to brain storm ideas and themes you want to give the room and measure the room for your furniture space (especially if you want to put new furniture in). This will also give allow you to do a budget on how much you want to spend. Your bedroom is your escape from the world and you want it to be a place where you can unwind and have a moment to yourself. Look at magazines, browse the internet or visit furniture shops to get inspiration on furniture ideas and colour themes for the room as well as furniture and home décor ideas and creations.


Now that you have been inspired and know what you want your room to look like, it’s time to get creating. You want to keep the colour scheme simple but at the same time want it to make the room stand out. White and cream have never gone out of fashion and as Shaynna Blaze says in her article on, “A colour with a crisp white or grey base gives strength and energy to a room as well as bringing a sense of style.” Lighter colours such as blue, grey and green have become popular as of late, mainly due to the fact the lightness of the colours give off a calming and relaxing feel. states, “Citron and indigo make up an ideal color combination… Citron stands for power, while indigo adds a chic and class.” Other colours and shades such as turquoise and lime make your room feel lively and full of energy, while Kelly green adds a real earth feel to your room.

Interior decorating

Now that the paint has dried it is time to put in the furniture, which asks the question are you keeping your original furniture or updating to give it a modern feel? With so many unique and contemporary pieces on the market, how do you know what to choose? One popular design that is making a comeback into people’s homes is the mid-century modern design. As stated on, “today we see almost every home turning towards a timeless Midcentury piece to elevate the appeal of its interior. 2015 will see this trend shaping the bedroom with iconic Midcentury decor making its way into the bedroom.” Popular in the 60’s the midcentury modern look has seen the return of the egg chair, Eames lounge chair and ottoman and single leather sofas that are all Scandinavian designed. We have been inspired to combine the furniture with the beautiful natural color of wood such as oak, jarrah and bamboo to give the bedroom the midcentury modern look.

Your bedroom is your own private and personal space, and if you plan on re-decorating it, take the time to plan it out properly. Researching for inspiration and brainstorming ideas about possible colour schemes and furniture for the room are important and will give you a rough estimate about how much you need to spend to redesign your bedroom.