Away From Your Soul Mate? Keep the Spark Alive From a Distance

But also, make the most of that whole bed while you can

Isolating Without Your Soul Mate? Keep the Spark Alive From a Distance

I feel your pain, I do. I haven’t seen my other half in a month now. We’ve felt it a necessary precaution to protect the ones we love while our work situations might be otherwise putting us at risk. We certainly aren’t the only ones either. There are people doing it a whole lot tougher than us. Either way, here’s a list of some ideas that might float your romantic boat, rock your solo socks and bake your quarantine cake (but let’s keep it PG – you can tickle your isolated pickle in your own time).

Call to say good morning and good night

I know you think you miss this. You miss waking up in the morning and seeing their face, rolling into their arms, kissing them. Trust me, you don’t miss it as much as you think. You’ll get in the same bed with them soon and wish you had your bed all to yourself again. You’ll wake up cranky because they kicked you again or pulled the blankets off you. You’ve probably forgotten how feral you can look in the morning too, and they’ll get a shock at that after imagining your beautiful face for so long. So make the most of this one – call when you wake up after a great night’s sleep and wish them a happy good morning, and then call them to say goodnight, while you’re lying in the middle of your big queen sized bed with a little pillow fort and your dog still curled up beside you.

Set up an online dinner date

Set a time, cook a meal (or two meals), open a bottle of wine (or two bottles), set a table (or two) in front of your computers and light a candle (or turn the lamp on, whatever). You can still eat together and talk about your day. Added bonus – they can’t reach over and take that last chip you were saving on your plate!

Snail mail

If there is ever a time to bring back pen pals, it’s now. Everything lives forever on your phone, I get that. But you know those cute little messages your partner has sent you that you had to screenshot for posterity? Except then you get a new phone, take an extra 5,000 photos and suddenly it’s gone… unless you want to spend seven hours scrolling through the backlog of text messages to find it again? Yeah, those. Declare that love on paper. Make a little box of memories. Store that stuff in the top of your wardrobe and show your grandkids one day. Or have a stash of cheesy content to blackmail your other half when the romance of separation is over. Your call, really.