Australian Youth Waste $2 Billion Annually on Unused Skincare Products


Reports have just found young Australians discard an astounding $2 billion worth of skincare items each year.

Take a moment to inspect your bathroom vanity and tally the number of skincare products you possess. Now, ponder how many of them you genuinely use. If you find that you use only half of the products in your collection, you belong to the 53 percent of young Australians contributing to the $2 billion annual skincare wastage.

Amidst the escalating cost of living, where expenses such as groceries and rent seem to be skyrocketing, skincare has surprisingly become one of the major culprits in our financial woes. Laser Clinics Australia conducted a thorough analysis and revealed that Millennials are the primary offenders in this regard. They are easily enticed by attractive marketing campaigns and grandiose promises from cosmeceutical brands, often ending up with products that do not align with their skin types.

Aimee Quirke, the global head of Skin at Laser Clinics Australia, stated, “It’s easy to see Aussies are indulging in multiple skincare items each year, thanks to the allure of beauty products offering to brighten, hydrate, soothe, replenish, firm, or plump skin, and even turn back the clock.”

The research also unveiled that Millennials spend approximately $1,200 annually on new skincare products, with 76 percent purchasing an average of five new products each month, amounting to $4.3 billion annually.

This excessive consumption not only drains finances but also has environmental repercussions. Sixty-six percent of Australians aged between 18 and 65 admitted to owning up to 10 unused skincare products, highlighting the extent of wastage.

Aimee Quirke emphasised that the solution lies in education, or as she terms it, ‘skinducation.’ She stressed the importance of conducting research, reading reviews, and considering specific needs before investing in skincare products or treatments. Seeking advice from skin experts to address individual concerns is the crucial first step in embarking on an effective skincare journey.