5 Ways to put Your Black Blazer to Work

It’s the wardrobe staple you didn’t know you needed – here’s some examples of why it’s worth every penny.

5 Ways to put Your Black Blazer to Work

The oversized black blazer has had a huge revival as a tool to smarten up even the most casual of outfits. It can be structured, soft, long, short, fitted, loose – or somehow all of the above. From Princess Diana to Instagram’s most Influential, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to get the most out of your favourite black blazer.

The Black Blazer and Blue Jeans Look

Princess Diana was a fashion icon. There are no buts about it. But one thing she did particularly well was pairing blazers with just about anything. For effortless chic, you can match your blazer with sweaters, shorts, jeans, sneakers – you name it. It will do all the work for you.

A little bit of Rock n Roll

We all love leather jackets. We all love denim ones too. But sometimes the stiffer fabrics just won’t hack it. Sometimes you want something big, baggy and soft (which remarkably can still be fitted). When it comes to wet-look or leather pants, textural differences are crucial too. Pairing them with a soft blazer means you can really set off all your different tones of black without looking like you stepped out in a dominatrix-style wetsuit.

From Yoga to Breakfast

No matter what the critics say, women love activewear. It’s so comfortable, it’s flattering and with so much variety out there, it is still a fashionable expression of individuality. Say what you will, but if it’s comfortable, we’re keeping it. Luckily for us, an oversized black blazer over a pair of leopard print tights and a crop top is not only forgivable, but… dare we say it? …Fashionable?

Take it sky high

An oversized blazer is not only a comfy fit, but it can smarten up any casual outfit. Style your blazer with neutral tones and your favourite pair of sneakers to look your best and feel your comfiest on your next flight… you know, once travel bans are lifted and all.

Or take it down to your navel

If you’re feeling game, a black blazer can act on its own good graces to give you a sexy, plunging neckline. But you might need to stock up on the Booby Tape if you’re brave enough for this one though.