The 5 Types of People You Need in Your Life

Here’s to the friends that lift us up, support us and keep us going, no matter what.

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Five Types Of People You Need In Your Life

Everyone knows the types of people to steer clear of. The toxic, negative, bullies of the world and the people that bring you down. But what about the people to keep in your life? Who are the friends that you should be holding onto?

In a world of negative people and toxicity, making sure you have positive relationships in your life is essential to maintaining your mental health and improving quality of life. So, we compiled a list of the top 5 types of friends you should be regularly seeing and why.

The friend that always makes you laugh

A crucial friendship is one that gets you laughing. Even if you’re the predominately “funny one” of the bunch, you should always have someone who’ll make you laugh in return once in a while. Find someone with a similar sense of humour to you and let the medicine of laughter help you get through those tough times.

The friend that forces you to go out

Particularly important for those introverted/reclusive types. Having a friend who is energetic and constantly invites you out will force you to maintain a regular social life. While they may not be the friend you can hang out with every single day, they’re definitely the friend to help get your mind of anything bothering you. Hanging with high energy people will help with lifting your own energy and improving your spirits.

The Low Maintenance friend

Probably the most important friendship you’ll ever have. There is nothing worse than only having friends that you have to put up a front with. Having someone you can talk to freely (about any awkward or gross topic you want) and someone you’re happy to sit and do nothing with will do wonders for your mental health. Sometimes, we need human connection, but don’t want the obligations of having to go out or make a big event of it. So make a friend that’s happy sitting at home watching Netflix in their pyjamas with you.

The friend that tells it how it is

Sometimes polite relationships will prevent you from seeing things in a realistic viewpoint. Surrounding yourself with people that don’t feel like they can tell you when you’re in the wrong, when you’re making a mistake, or just when you have food stuck in your teeth, makes things a little awkward. If you’re not told when you’re wrong, you could develop unhealthy narcissism or lose crucial self-awareness. So make sure you have someone you can talk to and seek for advice that’s going to be real, raw and honest.

The supportive friend

Just as you need a friend to tell you the truth and keep your head out of the clouds, you also need one to lift you up and support you no matter what. When you’re a person that’s riddled with insecurity and uncertainty, it’s very important to have someone there for you who is going to get you through those tough times. Sometimes, we all just need a little bit of positive affirmation.

These may not be all different people. If you’ve managed to find someone that meets all these requirements in one: congrats! You’ve found a friend for life. But still try to keep your friendship group varied. Surround yourself with a number of wonderful people and you’ll live a rewarding, happy life!