5 Tips to Get Your Partner Moving

What if your other half isn’t fitness inclined? Never fear! We’ve got 5 tips to get your partner out and about!

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Get Your Partner Moving

Before I met my boyfriend, I had visions of us running along the coast together, racing up the final hill and me beating him at the last second!  Skip to the part where I have lived the fantasy, except without winning the run. But what if your other half isn’t fitness inclined?  In fact, the last time you saw them break a sweat was curry night.

  1. Coffee Walk

Got your local cafe sorted? Well if it’s local it’s walking distance! Suggest a coffee to get them geared up to leave the house and before they reach for the car keys float the idea of walking there.  A great start to the weekend as you stroll down to the cafe, enjoy a morning buzz and read of the paper.

  1. Sneak It In

Cleaning up the house and getting the gardening done is a great way to get moving.  You’re so focused on getting the job done, you hardly realise how much you have actually moved. Working together to get these jobs done will make everything a whole lot quicker and more enjoyable.

  1. Join a Mixed Sport

Mixed netball, soccer, frisbee, whatever it is it will be a good laugh and way for you to get a sweat on. So get the gang together, come up with an amazing pun-based name, and you are sorted.  Every Wednesday is no longer cheap parmie night at the pub; it is a game of frolf (frisbee golf, yes it does exist!).

  1. A Little Competition Never Hurt Anybody

With the endless availability of fitness apps to count your steps, and fitbits to monitor your every move, why not challenge each other to see who can get the most steps in a month? Jumping June anyone?  That competitive edge might just creep on out, leaving you fighting to the death to get those extra steps in!

  1. Get Out of the Gym

Cancel the unused gym memberships!  Having that little card in your wallet just staring at you only makes you feel guilty, not motivated.  If your partner thought the gym would be the answer only to say goodbye to $20 a week with no sweat patches to show for it, just find something else.  Even if you just move training to the outdoors, it might be all they need to get focused! Take the time to work together to find something you both enjoy.  This will be the start of a long, healthy relationship with movement.

As you get your partner moving take the time to educate them on living an active life.  Tell them how amazing you feel after your sessions. They trust you and your opinion so work with them to show them a life of movement!