5 Reasons To Make Budapest Your Next Travel Destination

From wine bars, to heaving dance floors, to slow dancing to a live string quartet - it’s a Buda-fest in Budapest!

5 Reasons Budapest is Your Next Destination (Image Source: szechenyispabaths.com), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
5 Reasons Budapest is Your Next Destination (Image Source: szechenyispabaths.com)

Often referred to as the “Paris Of The East”, Budapest is a beautiful city full of food, fun and culture. It was the highlight of my time in Europe and here are 5 reasons why it’ll be yours too.

  1. Ruin Pubs

Unseen in other parts of the world, Budapest’s Ruin Pubs are ex-residential buildings transformed into labyrinthine party haunts. At the original Szimpla Kert, you can go from a pumping beer pub, to a small wine bar, to a heaving dance floor, and then end up slow dancing to a live string quartet. In addition to Szimpla Kert, Ellato Kert and AnKert are also popular spots in the Jewish Quarter.

  1. Food and Drink

The food in Hungary has a mix of cultural influences that makes it unique and exciting. Expect dousing of paprika in hearty foods like meat stew goulash and cabbage rolls. If you’re looking for a cool café or restaurant, take a trip down to the Jewish Quarter for hipster delights like the soup joint Bors GasztroBar or My Little Melbourne cafe. You can also explore Hungary’s rich history of winemaking and taste local varietals like the heavy Bull’s Blood or sweeter Tokaji style.

  1. Thermal Baths

The thermal baths, found in all parts of the city, will soothe you with water from the natural spring that lies beneath Budapest. After a long soak you’ll feel like your muscles are falling off your bones. My top picks are Szechenyi Baths for an outdoor party or the beautiful, muralled Gellert Baths.

  1. Architecture

Due to its complex history, Hungary is full of Roman, Ottoman and Neo-Renaissance inspired architecture. If you want to take it all in, take the long climb up St. Stephen’s Basilica or Castle Hill and look out in awe at the beauty of the city that surrounds you.

  1. The Price

It may be nicknamed “Paris Of The East” but it doesn’t cost nearly the same. In Budapest, a three star hotel in the city centre with a good rating will cost you around AU$130 a night, a fraction of the AU$230 for a comparable room in Paris.